WiFi Down? Here’s an Easy Fix!

how to reboot a wifi routerWhen your WiFi is down, or its really slow – it can be maddening.

Most of the time, there is an easy fix, the tech name is called ‘re-booting’, but it really involves unplugging the router, letting it rest for a minute – then pluging it back in.

Generally, it takes a few minutes to come back online again – and most of the time – that’s all it takes!

The hard part? Finding your router!

  • If you have a WiFi system in your home, and don’t know where the router is, look for a box that’s similar to the one pictured – it may be near a television, near a computer workstation, or hidden away in an electrical panel.
  • It’s recognizable because it will have a series of lights on its front – often flashing
  • Likeliest places to look: basement, television room, home office.

If after following the procedure described, you still do not have access to the internet, it’s likely time to call your cable company for tech support.

Good luck!