Preparing for Spring by Managing Water Flow

At this writing, we’re at the end of January…in about 60 days, the snow will start melting, and every home is in serious jeopardy of being damaged if it’s not prepared.

risk of flooding to seniors homes
Springtime meltwater can cause havoc with un-prepared homes.

The villain of course is water flowing toward the house instead of away from it.

  • Melt water from the roof:
    • if downspouts are plugged, water threatens to backup, overflow, and damage eaves troughs
    • if downspouts are not plugged but improperly drained away from the house – threaten to drain water toward the basement – causing stress on external waterproofing and sump pump systems
    • are downspouts directed well-away from the house?
  • Sump pump:
    • the water table will rise – the sump pump will be working overtime – is it up to the task?
    • can the outflow pipe handle the occasional freezing night without backing up?
    • is there a drain in the basement that can handle backup should the pump fail?
    • is the basement floor water proofed?
    • are contents lifted off of the floor in anticipation of a worst-case scenario?
  • Slips/falls:
    • spring still brings cool nights and the risk of ice on sidewalks and porch steps – particularly at night or early in the morning.
    • is there an adequate supply of de-icer available and nearby to manage this risk?

Not sure if your house is melt-ready? Youtube has many videos that’ll help you address any question you may have regarding how water might affect your home.

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