The $3 Solution to Warmer Days and Cold Nights

lock-deicer - part of a home maintenance strategy for seniors
Lock de-icer is an inexpensive and useful tool to have around the house.

As we approach the end of February, we’ve finally been released from the depths of winter’s polar vortex.

But it’s still winter – and despite the days being a little warmer, it still cools off at night.  This warm-freeze cycle will of course continue for some time yet, and has the effect of creating frost in our exterior door jambs and locks – which turns to ice when it really freezes.

Now is a good time – as part of routine maintenance of your home – to squeeze a little shot of lock de-icer into your exterior door locks – to lubricate them and help prevent those ice crystals from building up.

…a small bottle will likely do, and only costs about $3 – at Canadian Tire, or most gas stations.

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