Terms and Conditions

Maintenance and Cleaning Services:

  1. Your home will be safe and unthreatening to our Service Provider. If – at the sole discretion of our Service Provider, any aspect of your home or its environment is deemed unsafe, work shall not be performed, and you will be refunded the entire amount of your purchase by end of business that day.
  2. Dogs will be kept leashed and away from our Service Provider at all times.
  3. Your cleaning devices and detergents will be used – eg – mops, buckets, vacuums, laundry machines, laundry detergent, fabric softener, and related cleaning supplies and chemicals. Should these be absent, work cannot be guaranteed.

Service Providers

  1. Warrant that they are capable, certified, and have adequate staffing to perform their role.  
  2. Will provide Clover’s site administrator with a police record check of key personnel.
  3. Warrant that they are insured, carry WCB, and are committed to delivering their commitment as scheduled by Clover’s client.