Smooth Floor Transitions = Safer Home

While area rugs look great, they are undoubtedly an unnecessary hazard, and a decoration that absolutely puts in jeopardy, a senior’s ability to live well at home.

It’s mainly due to the transition between the primary flooring and the area rug – while it’s only 3/8 of an inch or so, it can become curled – even a little – an become a tripping hazard.

carpet on hardwood floor
Area rugs are a trip-hazard.

Combine this with late-night visits to the bathroom, and the danger is exacerbated.

Two things to make home safer:

  1. Remove the rug entirely.
  2. Fasten it down at the edges.

If you’re interested in the latter – Clover can help. Our handymen and women can pop-over and install a discreet but effective transition strip that minimizes trip (and fall) hazards.

…interested in doing it yourself? Click here to take a look at YouTube’s repository of videos on the subject.