Landscaping Service to the Barrett Home


Deb – thanks for meeting with me yesterday, and explaining the requirements for improving the appearance of your front, side, and back yards over both the short and long terms.

Having reviewed photos from yesterday, and reflected on your requirements, and discussed the project with our landscape services provider – who can provide an experienced landscaper as early as next week.

The items we discussed included the following:

  1. Tidy-up the front and side-yards of the house – spraying the weeds on the boulevard, sidewalk, and other areas with an eco-sensitive, selective (non-grass killing) agent similar to Weed B Gone (ie not Round-Up).
  2. Remove tree lights, trim trees, rake and remove excess ground debris
  3. Manually pull weeds that have invaded plants and flowers
  4. Remove excess plants that have overgrown garden spaces
  5. Sweep/blow walks, sweep under steps, remove debris
  6. Trim or tie-back plants that encroach on front-walkway, assuring that the overhanging tree is maintained and trimmed, shaped, and staked to create the desired canopy effect
  7. Trim hedges to a flat-top, and flat-side, removing excess tailings
  8. Rake beds – removing debris, and bagging or removing wood chips (to be replaced with fresh chips or ground cover in the spring)
  9. Remove stakes/other plant tools, pots, and paraphernalia (store near garage for now)
  10. Remove black plant-boxes along walk
  11. Stack white chairs near garage
  12. Move any other non-natural sticks, stakes, boxes, devices, planks, etc near the garage, for use in the spring or eventual disposal
  13. Cut back yard lawn area (not natural growth area)
  14. Apply weed killer to lawn
  15. Power-spray bricks in front, back, and side, to remove moss, apply re-growth deterrent, and remove debris
  16. Power-spray deck in back, and front steps
  17. Power-spray furniture at front entrance
  18. Power-spray white fence
  19. Power-spray garage walls (outside) that face the backyard
  20. Remove lights on tree in backyard
  21. Remove est 6” trunk on 3-trunk tree in backyard – for clarity, the trunk to be removed is the closest to the fence, and is highlighted in the photo (0903.jpg)
  22. Remove branches, buckets, pots, lattice, and other debris near the garage (0904.jpg)
  23. Remove stuff between garage and fence
  24. Leave the mirror (unless otherwise noted)
  25. Remove branch from tree overhanging neighbour yard (0909.jpg), being careful to alert power authorities first
  26. Remove debris
  27. Trim trees and bushes along the wire-fence side of the property
  28. Trim trees along back of the property
  • The provider – and CBT – each carry WCB and appropriate insurance.

While it’s the number of hours can vary substantially, we expect that this will require a minimum of 32 hours of work.

To book, please enter the number of hours you’d like service, and click ‘Book’.

The price is $67.32/hour.

Sold By: Clover