Mouse-Proofing the Garage

mouse-proofing the garageNow that spring is here, it’s easy to see the damage caused over the winter by both the elements and the intrusion of mice and other small rodents looking for a warm place to nest.

It’s a good time to plug-those holes, search for the nests in the garage, and clean everything out, so that you can be assured that your garage will be pest-free, and won’t attract additional vermin over the summer.

Where to start?

The first step is a visual inspection for holes that would allow mice access/egress to the garage.  A mouse only needs a hole as small as a dime to get in!

Take a thorough look around the perimeter of the garage – along the walls, and look for signs of mouse activity (droppings, oil-tracks on the concrete), an clean as you go, and note potential entry points.

Because mice are ‘chewers’, a thorough plugging of their entry hole will include the use of metal screening and either expandable foam or silicone – depending on the site.

Also look for internal-wall-holes – that might be signs that mice have travelled to the attic of the garage, or to the attic of the house (if attached).  Laying out poison ‘mouse blocks’ is a good idea, as well as tossing some in the attic – to make sure you get ahead of the situation.  Just be aware to keep pets and small children away from them.

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