Live easier at home – avoid the stairs.

Stairs – whether they are to the basement, the second floor, or from the deck – all present trip/fall risks for seniors.

Because most seniors living at home still want to live at home – it’s important to reduce hazards in the home, so that this wish can be accomplished. Let’s look at three options:

Adding ramps where stairs exist can improve safety
Ramps can increase safety outside.
  1. Avoid the basement. Click here to read about moving the laundry room upstairs.
  2. Moving out of the second floor may be more challenging – especially in smaller homes. If there’s no place to add/adapt a first-floor room into a bedroom, then a stair-assist device might be considered.
  3. Finally – the deck – with springtime weather just around the corner – we should still be aware of fall hazards outside of the home. Installing a ramp is an easy-enough, one or two day project that will increase safety for the senior, so that living easier – outside – can be a reality.

If you’re interested in finding out how a ramp can add to the quality of your life – send us a quick note – we’ll come over and measure-up, and provide a quote for your consideration.