How to open the garage door when the power goes out.

hot to open the garage door when the power is outThis morning, a large part of central Edmonton was hit with a power outage.

Good news? It’s in the middle of summer, the weather is cool, and it lasted only for 90 minutes or so.

While I’m sure many people missed their morning alarms, and traffic was a little more chaotic than normal around key intersections, it was mostly business as usual.

If you had an early doctor’s appointment, and your car was stuck in the garage…would you know what to do?
Of course, you could call a Taxi, or hail an Uber ride.

But if you wanted to get your car out of the garage, you’d need to open the garage door, and close it again.  This 1-minute video shows you how to easily do this, so that you can handle it worry-free next time: