“Why are your services paid in advance by credit card?”

  • We will never try to extend our visit or sell you additional services while we’re at your home.  What’s been paid-for is what is delivered.  We provide a satisfaction guarantee that assures that you’ll be pleased with the results, or we’ll make it right.

“How do I know that I can trust your people?”

  • We know how to provide services to maintain a home, and other non-medical support services.  And we’re good at it.  Our people have all been reference-checked, provided a recent vulnerable-sector police check, and carry government-issued photo ID.  If at any time you have a concern, you can call or email us, and we’ll take immediate action to recall that Provider, and reschedule a new one.

“I’m considering one of your driving services – do you screen driving records too?”

  • Our driving services are provided by licensed and regulated third-party providers.  Our Provider’s role in delivering these services is to coordinate the driver, and accompany you to and from the destination – providing support along the way in the form of carrying packages, assisting navigating obstacles and hazards, and unpacking when you get home.

“I only require your services for maybe 15 minutes or so.  Do you have a minimum amount of time you will provide services for?”

  • Our minimum call is 3 hours.  This is to assure that we’re providing you with the very best people (we simply can’t assure this if we’re only paying them for 15 minutes).
  • We encourage you to add more work to your list, to fill-out your time!

“How do we handle the purchase of items needed to deliver your services (for example, furnace filters and humidifier pad replacements)?”

  • Once we understand what is required (eg a furnace filter and the size/model), we’ll go to the nearest big-box provider of services and purchase the best value product and install it for you.  We’ll charge your credit card in the amount of the purchase price, and the related transportation fees.