Removing fall-risk while making living at home easier.

One of the easiest things a senior can do to live easier at home is to identify and fix hidden dangers in their home.

making living at home safer
Moving laundry equipment upstairs removes fall risk.

For many older homes, the most dangerous room in the house is often the laundry room.

Because it’s usually downstairs, it requires the senior homeowner to navigate the (often) narrow steps while carrying a load of laundry.

Should a fall happen, it can very likely happen on or at the base of the stairs. If the basement does not have a nearby telephone, or the senior is not equipped with a fall-alert pendant, the fall can become exacerbated by time.

So what can be done?

Often, the senior’s lives have simplified over the years, leaving unused bedrooms upstairs. If this is the case, the laundry equipment could be brought upstairs, and moved into a bedroom that shares a wall with the upstairs bathroom. The plumbing for the washer/dryer could easily be linked to the existing plumbing stack – with minimal disruption.

A significant fall-risk is removed. Laundry day is safer because it’s now on the same level.

Clover is dedicated to making life easier at home for seniors, through the provision of best-in-class maintenance and housekeeping services.

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