Clover Care: Included with All Visits to Your Home

Clover Senior Support

Clover Service is designed to identify issues related to house safety and maintenance, and to make sure you’re doing OK, it also gives a little extra time to knock off one or two items on your to-do list.  Here’s what’s included:

  1. Check Furnace Filter – we’ll take a look at your furnace filter, a critical item to keeping your furnace running smoothly, and let you know if it looks like a new one is needed.
  2. Check Humidifier Filter – and advise if it needs replacement or maintenance.
  3. Inspect Your House Exterior – we’ll take a walk around the outside of your home, and see if there are any issues that need immediate attention.
  4. Check for Hazards – we’ll check for visible hazards, inside and out, and advise, or mitigate them.
  5. Check Heating/Cooling Works – we’ll verify that your furnace and cooling system is working.  Any problems, we’ll let you know.
  6. Check on Wellness – we’ll check on your wellness, and advise your OT, or family members on your behalf (if you’d like)
  7. Re-Boot Your Wifi – we’ll check and reboot your wifi, computer, and ipad.

Clover Service is included with all Home Maintenance and Clean Home – Clean Laundry visits.