Ceiling Fans – Is Yours Ready for the Summer?

A ceiling fan saves energy in both winter and summer – by recirculating furnace-warmed air in winter, and creating a cooling flow of air in the summer.

In fact, an open window along with a ceiling fan can have a dramatic cooling effect on a room or a home, during the heat of summer.

Ceiling fans generally don’t cost much (you can get one for a about a hundred bucks at Home Depot, are relatively easy to install (although you may need a hand, especially if wiring is involved) – and they are cheap to operate.

…much cheaper than air conditioning.

If you’re shopping for one, look for a 38″ blade for a standard room (smaller sizes are available), and make sure that your ceiling is at least 8′ high.

Need a hand to install it?  …just have Clover Come Over!