Canada’s Budget – Senior Friendly?

As we all know by now, Finance Minister Bill Morneau tabled his pre-election budget, stuffed with all kinds of goodies for every demographic slice of voters in the country.

…but what about seniors?

  1. The budget outlines supports for seniors, specifically an enhancement to the Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS) earnings exemption that allows seniors who stay in the workforce to keep more of their income.
  2. There’s provision for an investment of $50 million in the creation of Canada’s first National Dementia Strategy.
  3. Seniors living in a long-term care setting were left out of the home and community care investment, were excluded from the recently announced foreign caregiver immigration pilots, and now have been left out of the 2019 Budget.
  4. The Budget itself seeks to make ‘health care’ an election issue. This means there is ample opportunity for long-term care to be included in the 2019 platforms of every party…that’s where we all come in: – challenge your candidates when they come to your door!  Regardless of their party, ask about their position on helping seniors, providing healthcare for seniors, providing age-care for seniors, and whatever other issues are important to you.


  • with input from the Canadian Association for Long Term Care