6 Steps to Fix Creased Carpets – And Reduce a Trip Hazard

creased carpetCreased carpets in the home of a senior represent a potential trip-hazard, and need to be fixed.

If the Senior-resident has a mobility challenge, uses a walker, or even passes the crease absent-mindedly, the risk of a fall is present.

The good news is that they are fixable – although it does take some planning and some work.

Here’s the process:

  1. Pull back the carpet and pad. Peel back the old carpet.
  2. Pull remaining existing staples up.  You may need to dig the staples out of the carpet pad with a screwdriver or needle-nose pliers, and depending on the age of the carpet – expect that the staples will be difficult to remove.
  3. Cut new tack strips. These are available at Home Depot or other building supplies stores, and look like a long skinny strip of wood with nails sticking up.  The strips are laid nails-up along the edges of the walls.
  4. Next, you’ll reset the carpet by stretching it over these nails, and stapling it into place, making sure that the creases are removed as you go.
  5. Once one side of the room is complete, work toward the other side of the room, using the knee-kicker to grab the carpet and hold it into place as you go (you can buy or rent this tool at Home Depot, Lowes, or similar stores).
  6. If possible, move excess carpet into a non-used area (such as a near-by closet) where it can be trimmed neatly and stapled down.  If this is not possible, kick it into place along the walls, making sure to keep the carpet nice and tight and crease-free as you go.

It’s not a really difficult job, but it can be time consuming, because it has to be ‘right’.  If you’re not up to the job – we’ll do it for you!  Clover’s Maintenance Team can do it for you – find out more!

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