6 Easy Home Maintenance Items for Seniors

Home maintenance can be a convenient, but costly item to ignore.

A routine plan that checks-on and fixes deficiencies in these 6 items will end-up saving substantial repair costs down the line:

home maintenance tips for seniors
Home maintenance doesn’t have to be expensive.
  1. Replacing the Furnace Filter
    – this inexpensive item is critical to keeping your furnace running smoothly, keeping the air in your home clean, and preventing furnace parts from over-working. It’s a simple process: your local big-box home supply store will carry a size that fits your furnace – slide a new one in every few months.
  2. Check Humidifier Filter
    – this one can be a little more finnicky, but is still worth keeping an eye on. Properly humidified air is healthier, and is better on skin, fabrics, and windows. Your big box home supply store will carry a filter for you – check if you need to descale the system as well.
  3. Inspect Your House Exterior
    – take a walk around the outside of your home regularly, and remediate hazards that could affect your safety, or the safety of people walking on your property (such as mail deliverers, repair people, etc). A sprinkling of salt can save untold heartache, a new lightbulb over a porch can prevent a fall, etc.
  4. Check water discharge points
    – are downspouts clogged? Are eaves clean? Is the sump system freeze-proof? Is there a risk of standing water anywhere? Is the sump pump working?
  5. Re-Boot Your WIFI
    – if you have a wifi system in your home, you know how much you rely on it. If you rely on social media, email, or voice activated devices for safety, connectivity, or entertainment, it’s a good idea to re-boot the wifi once in a while – it’s easy – just unplug it, count to 30 – plug it back in, and you’re done.
  6. Replace your smoke detector batteries
    – sure, we all know that we ought to do it when the clocks change (for daylight savings time) – but do we? Have we forgotten? Batteries are cheap – why not check them and replace them.