16 Mid-Winter Home Maintenance To-Do’s

While the incredible deep-freeze has descended over us, there’s still much that seniors need to do to keep their homes in peak condition – especially in this weather:

  1. Rake the roof – to prevent ice buildup in gutters
  2. Check your fireplace – a good backup should your heat fail – if it’s 
    home maintenance winter
    Winter brings unique – and urgent – home maintenance demands for seniors.
    electric, are batteries fresh? If it’s a wood-burner, do you have an adequate supply of wood on hand? Is the chimney clean (to prevent a chimney fire)?
  3. Repair visible damage to the chimney.
  4. Have your boiler cleaned.
  5. Change your furnace filter.
  6. Clear ice/snow build-up from furnace exhausts.
  7. Install weather stripping wherever you feel a draft – bottoms of doors and around windows are notorious heat-leakers.
  8. Remove and replace sun-damaged caulking around windows.
  9. Shovel snow away from the foundation of the house – to prevent water leakage in spring.
  10. Spray WD-40 on door locks and hinges, and on hinges of garage door.
  11. Check/change the heat sensor in your furnace – over time, dust and dirt builds up on the sensor, causing the furnace to run inefficiently or not at all – a 1-hour change of this part assures heat during the rest of the winter.
  12. Check your humidifier – humid air in the depths of winter feels like its warmer
  13. Insulate (with foam pipe insulation) visible pipes that are close to an exterior wall
  14. Add insulation to your attic hatch, to mitigate heat escape.
  15. Check exterior vents – unplug from lint, snow/ice build-up etc, and evidence of pests.
  16. Secure gates to your backyard.

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