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Support for seniors living at home.

Have Clover come over!
Clover provides catering services to folks that are living on their own, and unable or unwilling to shop-for and cook nutritious meals for themselves. Where we operate: In Alberta, we operate...
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Cleaning & Maintenance
A clean and well-maintained home makes it both easier and more enjoyable to live in - longer. While Clover's pre-screened, insured, resourceful, and experienced maintenance and cleaning Pros are at your...
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The GoodSleep™ Program combines diagnostics, services, and support to assure that you get to sleep well – as soon as possible. Elements of the program include: Self diagnostics The 30-Day RightStart...
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Safety at Home
Often, a backup communication plan is the best solution to the possible hazards that can lurk in our homes. Clover provides a complete suite of discreet, low-cost communications services that are...
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Nursing Support
Our nursing network can provide support in your home to help with issues that range from medications to personal care and beyond. Call us to discuss your specific needs.  
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Driving Companions
Don't worry about driving, or calling services or apps to get you where you want to go. Our Drivers will help you from your home, to your car, and take you...
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Have your prescriptions filled by a pharmacist you know, and who cares about you - and get the prescription delivered.
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